sunday service


It's great to be gathering in person again.

We have implemented a COVID Safe Plan to ensure we do our best to keep everyone safe.  

In returning to church onsite not only will you be entering our newly renovated and rearranged building, but there will be some other processes to meet our COVID Safe Plan.


We're required to keep to the one person/2m2 rule. Due to our recent building extension we can accommodate 180 people in the church auditorium and 50 children within our Children Church rooms, under the COVID Safe Plan. To make sure everyone gets an opportunity to be in church, we'll be holding two Sunday morning services; 8:30am and 10:30am.


Although church may look and feel a little different, it's exciting to be back together - so let's be prayerful for what God has instore!

Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below to be church ready!


Please be advised that anyone;

  • with Covid symptoms (runny nose, cough, fever, high temp, sore throat etc) or lives with family members with these symptons, 

  • who has travelled outside of Queensland within the last two weeks,

are not to attend church until all symptoms are cleared, and/or once the two weeks have passed and no symptoms have appeared. But don’t worry, we will have our Sunday services available to listen to on our podcast, so you can still be a part of what’s happening at church.


Government health departments have identified people in our community who are at high risk if contracting COVID-19. People over 65 with one or more chronic medical conditions and people with compromised immune systems. It is recommended that vulnerable members stay home at this time and utilize our podcast services. Please let us know if this is you, so we can continue to prayer for full health and protection over our church family and community.



We currently have an increase of volunteers required to ensure our Sunday Services can run smoothly under the COVID Safe Plan. We are seeking more cleaners, carpark ushers, check in and out assistants, service stewards to volunteer their time on a Sunday. Volunteers will be placed within a team and on a rotation roster. All volunteers will be required to undergo one session of training. 

Are you interested in helping out? Many hands make light work!



What times are the church services? How long do they go for?

There will be two morning services on a Sunday; 8:30am and 10:30am. Each service will go for approximately one (1) hour. There will not be a night service at this stage.

Can I attend both services?

We ask that you only attend one service to help ensure we allow others the opportunity to attend a service.

Do I need to register every week?

We no longer require you to 'Save a Seat' online each week. Although as you arrive you will be required to Check In.

Do I need to check in and check out of the service?

Yes, when you arrive at church you will be asked to check in, and then check out when you leave. We are required by government regulations to record all persons who attend our services for the circumstance that a COVID case is present at one of our service. Gathered information will be name, residential address and contact number, check in and check out times of each person including children. Please note this information will be securely and confidentially stored.

Children who wish to attend our Children's Church Programs are required to be checked in and checked out by their parent/guardian from the pergola outside the hall. Everyone else will check in and check out in the main church auditorium foyer.

Do I need to apply the 1.5m social distancing rule?

Yes, we ask that you follow this rule as best you can. Along with safe hygiene practices. Please avoid handshakes, hugs and kisses. Hand Sanitiser will be available for use.

Will there be morning tea?

Whilst there continues to be COVID restrictions, we will not be having our usual morning tea time after the service. The service will go for one (1) hour and then everyone will leave shortly after to ensure required cleaning can be completed before the second service.

Our water fountain will also be out-of-action whilst the COVID restrictions apply. Please bring your own water as required.

Will there be additional cleaning?

Yes, as per our COVID Safe plan we will have additional cleaning between the services and throughout the week as required. There will be hand sanitizer available for use.

Will Children’s Church programs be running?

Yes, we will have our usual Children’s Church Programs running during the second morning 10:30am service only.

All children are to be checked in by their parent/guardian in the pergola outside the hall. There will be changes to room locations for those in Little Praiser (2-3yrs) and God’s Champions (4-5yrs) due to our building renovations.

Learn more about our Children's Church Programs by clicking the ‘Children’s Church’ button below.

I have an infant, is there a parent’s room?

Yes, we offer a parent’s room for those with little ones who aren’t quite old enough for our kids programs and may need a break from the service. Our parents’ room is positioned at the back of the church (entry beside the sound desk). The room includes a separate nursing mothers’ space, a playroom, change facilities and toilet facilities. You don’t have to miss out on the service, with a speaker system available to listen in. Due to the one person/4m2 rule there will be limits as to how many can be in the room at a time. Please note once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will have a separate nursing mothers’ room to the parents room

Can my children sit with me during the service?

If children attend the 8:30am service they will be required to sit with their parents/guardian. There will be no program available during this service. Children will be included in the 140 people maximum in the church auditorium. Children ages 2-11 years are encouraged to attend our Children's Church Program during the 10:30am service. This will allow a full maximum of 140 people in the church auditorium plus an additional 40 children in our seperate children church rooms. Once your child/ren are checked in to our programs - they are not to enter the church auditorium as this may exceed the maximum limit of 140 people. Once children are checked out, families are required to leave. Please contact us via the 'Children's Church' link below if you have any questions.

Why is their a person limit?

The Government have applied restrictions and regulations to help ease and reduce the spread of COVID-19. They have enforced the rule of one (1) person per 4m2 rule. To ensure that we abide by the law, our church auditorium can safely fit 140 people in each service, along with an additional 55 children within our seperate Children Church rooms for our 10:30am service. We have created two morning services to ensure we allow for everyone to attend church on sunday.

Are volunteers required?

Yes, there is an increase need for volunteers for our Sunday services. We appreciate all the help we can get. Click the below 'Volunteer' button below for more information.

Do I need to register my whole family?

For every individual person (whether that be an adult or a child), that will be attending the Sunday service, are required to be registered online. Please ensure you book a seat for each family member under the correct category. If your child/ren are going to attend the Children's Church program they are to be registered within the relevant Children's Church category. e.g. God's Champtions (ages 4-5).