We love children! We have a great range of fun programs for ages 2-13 years, to encourage the next generation into loving God, His church and those around them. Our programs are held on a Sunday within the school term and run in conjunction with our second morning 10:30am church services - starting 12 July 2020.

Have you booked a seat for your child/ren in Children's Church this week?



Due to the current COVID Safe Plan our Children’s Church program will be available during the 10:30am service only (allowing for 140 in the church auditorium plus 55 children in the Children's Church Program in seperate rooms).

The 8:30am service does not have a Children's Church Program running, children will be required to sit with parents in the service (children will be included in the 140 church auditorium limit)

All children are required to be checked in and checked out by parents/guardians. Check in for all children is located in the pergola outside our hall. Check in times are between 10:15–10:30am. Children are then to be collected at the end of the church service by 11:45am. Children are not to be taken into the church auditorium during the second 10:30am service before or after the service as this would increase numbers over the limit 140 church auditorium limit. Morning tea will not be provided whilst the current COVID restrictions apply.

Parents/Guardians are required to complete the Children's Church Enrolment Form annually, to ensure your child/ren are taken care of to the best of our ability. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to update Port City Christian Church with any medical information that changes within the year.

Little Praisers     I    Ages 2 - 3 years

New Little Praisers Room (located at the back of the church auditorium)

A play-based program that introduces very young children to the truth of God's word through play, praise and simple craft activities.

God's Champions     I    Ages 4 - 5 years

Front Room of Hall and New God's Champions Room

A fun-filled program designed to provide a firm foundation in God’s truth through Bible stories, craft activities, games, praise and worship, prayer and offering time.

World Changers     I    Ages 6 - 11 years

Hall (Hall is the building behind the main church building)

Children are offered a dynamic, relevant program which includes the teaching of Bible truths, praise & worship, prayer, games and an opportunity to give.

Little Ones     I    0 - 2 years

Parents Room (Located at the back of the church auditorium, beside the sound desk)

We offer a parent’s room for those with little ones who aren’t quite old enough for our kids programs and may need a break from the service. Our parents’ room is positioned at the back of the church (entry beside the sound desk). The room includes a separate nursing mothers’ space, a playroom, change facilities and toilet facilities. Due to the one person/4m2 rule there will be limits as to how many can be in the room at a time. You don’t have to miss out on the service, with a speaker system available to listen in.


Please note once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will have a separate nursing mothers’ room to the parents room.

YPs (Young Peoples)     I    Ages 12 - 13 years

Church Meeting Room (Located at the end of the bathrooms hallways)

YP’s go through a fun discipleship program covering the foundations of our faith and a range of life application studies. This program transitions our young people from our kids program in to church life. YP’s is held after the praise and worship of our main service, every Sunday during terms one and two and fortnightly during terms three and four.


Have a question about our Children's Church program? Ask us, we're here to help.

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